About Us

We are a small group of friends met in a Discord group. Until now we kept doing projects for ourselves and never done anything together. But now, we made this website all together, with hard work, great effort and unbeliavable tests.

All we want is to provide a useful, beautiful and stable platform for all of you. Our main goal is to provide you a fast, beautiful and intelligent website with many features, animations and compatibility over browsers (though this website won't be able to work as expected if you have disabled JavaScript).

Please read our Terms of Services, Template Guidelines, and other legal pages before submitting any templates on our website.

Meet Our Team



Website Developer



Project Coordinator



Backend Developer


Thanks to all of our partners, and thank you to those who helped testing our website, suggesting and always being helpful! And thank you Nuxt.js (and Vue.js) for creating such a great framework. We are a small group of Turkish/French developers trying to do our best to provide you a good service. Please enjoy and don't hesitate leaving your comments, suggestions and bug reports from our Discord server!